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Department Of Chillers New Era Marq Robinson
Marq Robinson Talks Keeping A Cool Head In Life And Fashion And How That Translates Into The Department Of Chillers Brand

Marq Robinson is a creative-entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA and one of the two creative forces behind the budding Department Of Chillers brand. Although he’s known primarily for his work in the film rental industry, Marq brings a lifelong passion for creativity and design to the table as well as his business sensibilities. The idea started as a one-off members only jacket designed for Marq’s close friends and it quickly turned into a much larger concept after teaming up with the LA designer Jose Jimenez for the initial samples.

As noted in their website’s header, the Department Of Chillers line intends to “[curate] a chiller lifestyle through product and design.” Check out the full Q&A below to learn more about what that means.

DOC - Blue Cap

Q: What is Department Of Chillers?

A: Department Of Chillers is a streetwear brand curating a chiller lifestyle through product and design.

Q: Sure that’s cool write on a website, but what do you mean by that?

A: Well I’m looking at this phrase in two ways. On the hand it’s mirroring the lifestyle of a chiller through the types of products we produce ie: t-shirts, bucket hats, lighters, coolers etc…. These are all things a “chiller” would have or use. On the order hand it is aspirational in the sense of creating a “chill-er lifestyle” meaning “more chill.” I’d like for our designs and products to promote a sense of zen and tranquil chillness. We could all use a little more peace.

Q:  Are you really that chill in real life?

A: Haha I’d like to think so, but that’s one of those things that people have to say about you. You can’t really just claim to be chill without some sort of cosign, you know. I can show you a lot better than I can tell you though. Just kick it with your boy and you’ll see first hand.

Q: How did this brand idea come together?

A: This all started when I purchased a bunch of dickies coats with DOC printed on the back. They were originally used for costumes but I had a different bit in mind. My first riff was Doers Over Come and then my buddy John chimed in with Department Of Chillers. The rest you can say was history.

Q: What’s the design process like?

The design process is probably the most chill part of this whole thing. It’s very open. Jose and I will link up to spitball ideas and a lot of time its just me ranting about few random inspirations and what not and then later he’ll pop out with a beasty design bringing the elements together. It’s a lot of give and take though, I feed off his energy and vice versa.

Q: What’s been the most fun part of bringing this project to life?

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed the whole process up to now because it has been more like play than work. I try to look at this more like an art project than another startup. It keeps the pressure off and reminds me to do it for the chill and not for the money. That mental framing has made it a lot easier to design and deliver, because we only create what we want to. If we stop having fun the idea gets scrapped.

Q: What are your hopes for the brand?

Part of me would love to see this become a big name in the streetwear scene and get some recognition from hypebeasts everywhere, but the other part is down to keep doing limited runs for the homies. I’m sure there is a future where both are true.

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